Wellcome to our PathScripts web.

PathScripts will offer some of the 3ds Max scripts that we have been using for years at Proin3D to improve our productivity and quality.


Qatar Highway

Why "PathScripts" name? As one of the first companies in Europe to develop 3D for Civil Works (born in 1996), most of our works were linear projects as roads, highways, rails, water channels...

Then we needed to develop some scripts to place elements along these projects: vehicles, catenaries, characters, cameras, mapping, slicing... that wasn't easy through existing software.

That's why most of our plugins rely on paths.


As all our scripts were developed for internal use, it'll take time to convert them to 'distribution scripts'. And there's where we are! 

I hope you find them as useful as we have been so for these 20 years of 3D activity. 


Andrés Fernández Cruz
Proin3D CEO
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.